History of Bachelor Gulch

Many live near the mountains. Some live in the mountains. Few will ever live "On the Mountain"™. Each visitor to Bachelor Gulch Village® should be revitalized by this spectacular Rocky Mountain setting. With this in mind, the creators of Bachelor Gulch Village successfully executed a vision for a resort community that maximizes the ski-in/ski-out access to residences, yet retains the spectacular alpine ambiance for which this area is known. A special mountain architecture was crafted in order to ensure that homes, bridges, and buildings reflect and even enhance the beauty of their natural surroundings. Bachelor Gulch Village obtained its name from a group of single men that settled here in the 1900s - John Anderson, Gunder Berg, Ed Howard, John Mertz and Ferdinand "Crippled" Smith. They supported themselves by logging and raising cattle, chickens and hay. In order to provide water for their fields, they labored for four years using dynamite and a horse-drawn scoop (called a fresno) to dig an irrigation trench that still meanders through the valley today. Lettuce ultimately became a mainstay crop, until the Great Depression, when the bachelors gradually drifted away. For nearly 50 years, no one lived in Bachelor Gulch as it patiently awaited rediscovery. In 1995, the Bachelor Gulch Village® of today was born, and now welcomes the next generation of pioneers to savor life "On the Mountain"™.